Palm Tree Villa Renovations

Since purchase earlier this year Palm Tree Villa has gone through quite a transformation.  Situated in the community of Windsor Palms this property has received extensive renovations with the love and attention it deserves. The new external paint really makes the villa stand out in its cul de sac location with its great conservation view.

With new tiled flooring through the entrance hall, Living Room, Kitchen, Utility and Bathrooms this is a great improvement, giving a clean fresh feel.

The largest change has come in the Kitchen, with removal of the original cupboards and counter tops, for a new fresh and modern look. Soft close cupboards and drawers are stocked and filled with all new pots and pans, bakeware, glasses, cups, flatware, cutlery and utensils providing everything you need for a takeaway or to cooking your own dinner.  You will also find a selection of Plasticware for use in the pool area. All the appliances are brand new including dishwasher, range, microwave, fridge freezer, kettle, coffee maker, Ninja blender, toaster.  New appliances also extend into the utility room with new large capacity watching machine, tumble dryer and handheld Dyson.  In addition the bathrooms have also received new granite counter tops, sinks and faucets for a more luxurious feel.

Prior to our visit in early May some of the newly selected furniture was already in place, the final pieces were selected at this time, with final touches are being put into place at time of writing.  We look forward to seeing the work completed and the villa ready for rental from mid June onwards.

Michelle xx

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