Suitcase and a Dream

We always want Palm Tree Villa to be the best experience possible for our guests, to do this we recently packed our suitcases and our dreams to visit for a holiday.  Ok so there to be honest there is no such thing as a villa owner holidaying, we mix our maintenance with theme-park fun. Whilst the parks to maintenance ratio is not what Michelle would prefer we ultimately love spending the time and attention on our home away from home.  This year we visited in June and here are just some of things we got up to at the Villa.

The pool deck was first on our agenda for a spring clean as it is usually a lengthy job, with daily rain showers adding to the challenge. With a good pressure wash and a couple coats of paint the difference is phenomenal and very satisfying.  New soft and fluffy coral patterned pool towels were the final touch, we hope everyone loves them as much as we do.

There are many ways to plan an Orlando holiday, are you more of an advance planner or a see how it goes day to day?  I know we fall into the first category, however it is easy to loose track of the days whilst visiting.  Taking some Pinterest inspiration, we crafted our own vacation planner, to help you all keep track of your holiday.  We hope our guests will find it super useful.

Anyone who has already stayed with us know we provide some of the best appliances and technology available, with this in mind we are please to announce that the cable TV has been extended to cover the Star Wars & Frozen bedrooms providing the full 220 channels, complementing the Netflix service that was there originally there. All bedrooms received new alarm clocks, for the king rooms these feature USB charging ports and time projection, the twin rooms also got new themed nightlights.

We all have a lot of devices, to support this we installed a wireless mesh network to improve WIFI speed and coverage across the property.  Mickey waffles anyone, breakfast just got more fun with our newest kitchen appliance.

We hope all our guests will enjoy the improvements.